Conveying the MMT message

This post is a general expression of my frustration with how MMT conveys concepts to the public. IMO there is some unrealistic expectations demanded of newcomers in terms of vocabulary and general decision making. There appears to be a belief particularly by academic MMTers that the public should conform to strict academic terms and definitions. MMTers should remind themselves that although words have a certain meaning in their mind, that doesn’t mean everyone else holds the same meaning. Since MMTers created the blogs in order to disseminate ideas it would serve MMT well to choose words that are best suited at conveying meaning to the public.

I also question the strict adherence to Academic terminology in the first place. IMO it doesn’t make sense to try to please the mainstream academic community. They haven’t recognized MMT in the last 20 years – Chartilism has been around for the last 80(?) years and that is seldom recognized too. Also mainstream economics is based on faulty premises. It doesn’t make sense to please an inherently flawed group of people that won’t even look at you. MMT is based on truth, and therefore it has the strength of being able decide the terms of engagement. Use that strength.

I view these MMT blogs as a donation of time & resources by ‘professionals’ in order to educate the public. Why are MMTers making this donation in the first place? To help people or show everyone how ‘correct’ they are? I’ll give MMTers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they genuinely want to help the public understand. Then place more emphasis on people understanding rather than adhering to preconceived notions of correctness. There is no need to place unnecessary barriers. It is still possible to choose ‘unconventional’ words which still convey truth. MMT should work with with that have, which means understanding the consequences of a 40 year attack on public education.

Allow the public more engagement in deciding parts of MMT. An ongoing discussion on how MMT is being spread, or trivial exercises where newcomers are recognized for their efforts. Such activities are essential for building a cohesive MMT group which can sustain itself long into the future.

Shaun H.



  1. Detroit Dan

    Hey Shaun. I’m pushing for a Nobel Prize in Economics for the founders of MMT — Wray, Mitchell, and Mosler. They’ve certainly revolutionized the field. Compare to whatever Krugman won his Nobel for, and Krugman’s contributions obviously pale in significance…

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